To Schedule a PET/CT Imaging Study
Call 215-481-3377

Required at the time of Scheduling
Physician order or prescription for PET/CT
Pre-certification from Insurance Company

Before your exam:
Fast for 6 hours, but drink plenty of water during your fast
If you are diabetic, your fasting sugar needs to be less than 150mg/dL
Do not exercise for 48 hrs
If you are claustrophobic and take calming medications, plan to have a driver the day        of your test

Day of exam:
Arrive 15 minutes before your appointment time
Leave all your jewelry at home
Wear comfortable clothing with little to no metal
Bring your health insurance cards and prescription
Bring all outside radiology films, CDs,reports and pathology reports
Bring your reading glasses to complete forms
Total test time will be 2 – 3 hours
Images will be interpreted by a PET/CT Radiologist and a report will be sent to your              referring physician